Summer sailing in Svalbar

In August 2017, I spent a week on a sail boat in Spitsbergenthe largest and only permanently populated island of the Svalbard archipelago in northern Norway. We went as far North as 79°16′15″N, which is further North than the last airport (Ny-Alesund 78°55′30″N 11°55′20″E) and we experienced the midnight sun. Under these latitudes, the sun is visible 24 hours from mid-April to end of August. That is there is no night, no twilight, no dawn, no dusk. It was weird, especially the first 4 days because it was totally overcast and it was impossible to tell the sun was actually moving and what time of the “day” it was. We starting having lunch at 6pm, go for a hike around 10pm, having dinner at 1-2am and breakfast at noon…. When we finally came back to Ny-Alesund, the sun was out, we were making it to the harbor when we saw the midnight sun for the first time (it had been a very sunny day when we saw a fantastic glacier –Lilliehöökbreen – which covers the 14km of the fjord).

Among other interesting things, we saw 2 polar bears (from the boat). One was actually just walking away but the other had been feeding of what looked like the remains of a whale and stood up when we set the anchor. The skipper didn’t want us to go onshore…. 

Many birds are also populating the island, especially the very gracious Arctic Tern.


And finally if you like to stay in a hotel when maybe a few tourists sometimes will come and knock at your door, you can stay at the 5-star Lloyds’ hotel.



Below are more pictures.