Burning Man 2014: From Building to Exodus

Burning Man 2014: From Building to Exodus

This year we were able to get in early (that is before the official start of the event that was August 25) and meet some of the crews while they were still building art structure.

This year bad weather and other unforeseen delays has taken a big toll on the workers. Embrace was done about 24h before the start of the event but as of 6am on Sunday morning, both the Man and the Temple still needed work.

As we wait for the event to start, we help build our own camp.

Although partying is not really going on before the event starts, we’ll it does go on. Sort of. Camps are “testing” their sound. Finally, on Sunday evening, bikes started flooding the streets and the playa. The lines at the DMV were still quite long to register mutant vehicles. But Burning Man was coming to life with music and light and fire shows all over the city. At that point, although The Man was still not done.

Less than 24h after the doors opened, they closed due to bad weather leaving people already inline for an extra 12 hours and turning away people that did not made it to Gate rd yet. I had witnessed the storm coming in, taking pictures of The Man at sunrise with lighting all around us. We were close enough from our camp but when we felt the little wind that always come before it rains we were already packed and ready to make it back to our camp. And we barely made it. It started pounding while I still had to cross Esplanade right in front of my camp and I could not ride the bike anymore. I pushed it and myself to the safety of our camp, relieved we made it back in time.

The Man and The Souk finally opened on Monday at 5pm right on time for the people that we’re starting getting in again as of 6pm. Tuesday shot at sunrise was pretty hard as it was the coldest morning since we arrived but I was glad I was out to witness an intimate moment at Embrace.

No more rain is forecast for the rest of the week so let’s go burn!

After the rain comes the sun…. and the second wave of the burners. After waiting in line for about 12 hours people were pretty excited to be here. Bikes started flooding the streets and the playa got more alive than vert with all the new art displays and the mutant vehicles.

In a way, Burning Man makes me think of Venice during the biennale, art, people, drink and food everywhere and the best way to visit it is to wander with no goal in particular.

Well, we did have one goal on Wednesday which was to. Go to the French Quarter and get some baked goodies. Fortunately, there were none! The person in charge was overwhelmed because her staff did not show up (probably from crazy partying the night before) and she had nobody to make the food. My husband had the great idea to offer our help and we ended up making a wedding cake for some people that were getting married in the afternoon at the Temple. We did not get to meet the groom and the bride but we had fun making the cake and got back on our bike for more adventures…

We rode to deep playa and we found an Alien village at the fence. Pretty cool aliens, look like they have vultures too…

That was pretty tough to ride our bikes with the trailer to deep playa as the dust is pretty deep over there and the trailers were dragging behind us. But we made it and back to found out a replica of the first Man that was built for BRC. It was still not erect but we came back the next day and were able to get it at sunrise.