About RetY

This is the third version of www.rety.org. I first started the rety site in 2001 using Comic-Sans-MS, well because everybody was using that. I was new to PHP and Postgres at the time and that was my pet project. I ended up posting hundreds of pictures to share with my family and friends. My husband helped me a lot (some of the pictures were his too). It would not have been possible without him. I made a web interface to upload pictures. I could batch upload pictures and add captions. We even had google ads on the site. We’re talking before digital SLRs were the standard for photographers. We were developing our films and we could get a digital copy on a CD…Wow! I feel old.

And then we started using Lightroom to catalog our pictures. That was because they made a break through before Aperture. We saw them at MacWorld. My husband also wanted a site for his pictures as he was starting his business as a professional photographer. So we migrated to TheTurningGate Lightroom plugin that would upload our pictures to our respective web sites, automatically creating and indexing albums. Came a time when I had to upgrade the plugin so I can get touch gestures for mobile device, and off course I had to upgrade all my galleries to match the new style.

Since I stopped using my home made php gallery, I was missing the fact that I could change the design of my site but that the pictures, the captions, the memories will remain (without involving me regenerating the content that is).

So finally it has happened I converted to WorldPress. because let face it: why develop a product that already exists, that people have done tons of plugins and themes for when it does what you want it to do? Well, I’ll answer this question in a few years when I want to change the design again… Meanwhile, I bought a theme that I modified slightly. I installed a few plugins to make the “Picture Gallery”. That took me some time to get something that was doing 99% of what I wanted but I think I got it. In the end, it took me less time that if I had to do all this from scratch again.

Hopefully you will enjoy the pictures I post on this site. I imported pictures as of 2007, one of the first time I was using my brand new SLR at the time a Canon 5D (1st generation, yep). Since then I attended many workshops and I guess my pictures will show how I’ve evolved along the years.

Sorry no comment on this site as this is just to much work to go through all the spam.

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